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Towards a Quaker View of Sex (1963) - Transcribed by Mitchell Santine Gould, curator, LeavesOfGrass.Org

Editor's Note

The material for this essay has been prepared by individual members of the group, considered and amended by the group as a whole several times, and finally cast into its present form by the Editor. No apology is made for the evident variety of styles that has survived his pruning and re-arrangement: to have sought complete literary unity would have robbed the matter itself of life and vigour.

A word must be added, for non-Quaker readers, about the use of the word concern. In Quaker experience a concern is: "a gift from God, a leading of his Spirit which may not be denied. Its sanction is not that on investigation it proves an intelligent thing to do — though it usually is; it is that the individual, and if his concern is shared and adopted by the Meeting, then the Meeting knows, as a matter of inward experience, that here is something which the Lord would have done, however obscure the way, however uncertain the means to hutnan observation." (Roger C. Wilson: Authority, leadership and concern. Swarthmore Lecture 1949.)

Grateful acknowledgement is made of generous financial assistance from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (made available through the Friends Temperance and Moral Welfare Union) and of the practical help afforded by the staff of the Friends Home Service Cotnmittee. We are particularly indebted to Jean James, who cheerfully and efficiently reduced our complicated drafts to excellent typescript on several occasions.