LGBTRAN Project on LGBT Quaker History

I am posting at the bottom the announcement created by Mark Bowman, Project Coordinator, at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Religious Archives Network.

If you are interested, please direct all inquiries to Mark Bowman:

To elaborate, we are inviting historians who have an interest in the long intersection between Queer and Quaker history to join a working group sponsored by LGBTRAN.

There is a rich history of Quaker advocacy for same-sex love throughout the 20th Century, and we welcome scholars who are cognizant of that, but researchers who can help with the tougher challenges of prior eras are particularly needed. Please refer to the details given below the picture.

--Mitchell Santine Gould, curator, LeavesOfGrass.Org

David and Jonathan at the Stone Ezel by Edward Hicks

In the 20th Century, potential topics include:

In the 19th Century, potential topics include:

In earlier eras, potential topics include:

Original message below:

New LGBT Quaker History Project

Mitchell Santine Gould, noted Walt Whitman scholar, has made a generous gift to LGBT-RAN to underwrite the development of a LGBT Quaker History project. LGBT-RAN is using these funds to facilitate a working group of historians, archivists and activists who will research and compile information on significant LGBT movements and leaders within the Society of Friends. It is expected that the result of this project will be some form of digital presentation of LGBT Quaker history. If you or someone else you know has interest in LGBT Quaker history and might be interested in participating in this working group, contact Mark Bowman.